How To Buy Crypto20

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How To Buy Crypto20

After a successful ICO last year, the Crypto20 token is ready to hit exchanges.

It will launch on HitBTC on January 22nd, 2018.

If you don't know what Crypto20 is, listen to episode 11 of the Let's Talk Crypto podcast

This guide will walk you through the steps you need to get your account ready to trade.

As some of these steps take time, start now to be ready when Crypto20 comes on the market.

Step 1 - Open A HitBTC account

I will say upfront the HitBTC is not my favourite exchange. It is a bit slow and clunky in places, but that is the first place Crypto20 will be available for purchase.

So the first thing you need to do is open a HitBTC account.

HITBTC Crypto20



Step 2 - Familiarise Yourself With The Exchange

crypto20 hitbtc

Have a play around before you have any money at stake. Check out the interface and where different things are:

Exchange - This is where you convert one coin to another

Accounts - These are all your coin balances and whether they are available to trade. Click the Transfer arrows to move coin balances form the Main (savings) account to the Trade Account to make them available to trade in the exchange.

Reports - See your previous trades and other account information.

Markets - See the current prices and volume for different trading pairs.

System Health - Shows you what various parts of the system may be down.


Step 3 - Get Some Fiat Into The System

Since HitBTC is only a crypto to crypto exchange, you can't put in fiat money (dollars).

So you will need to buy some sort of crypto to trade with.

I suggest buying ETH on CoinBase.


Step 4 - And Buy Some Crypto

You are going to need to send some of your crypto to HitBTC to trade with.

If you have some crypto already you may be able to use that.

Otherwise as I said, I suggest buying ETH on CoinBase.


Step 5 - Transfer Your Crypto To HitBTC

You are going to need to move your crypto over to HitBTC.

To get the address to send to, go to Account and find the Deposit button for your particular crypto and click on it.

It will reveal a deposit address for the crypto. Copy that and use that as the send address within CoinBase to move your crypto from CoinBase to HitBTC.

After it has arrived (which may take a while). Use the transfer arrow to move it from your Main Account to your Trade account.


Step 6 - Convert Your Crypto To ETH

If you are transferring in some other currency other than ETH, use the Exchange section of the site to convert it into ETH.


Step 7 - When Crypto20 Launches Convert Your ETH To C20

When Crypto20 launches on HitBTC. Use the Exchange section to exchange your ETH for C20 tokens.

You can either use a Market Order to buy at the current price. Or you can set a Limit Order to specify what price you are willing to pay. Realise and Limit Order may never execute if the price keeps going up.


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