Let's Talk Crypto 006: ALT Coins

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ALT Coins

In Episode 6 we discuss ALT Coins and what they are all about. Is it a good or bad thing to invest outside of BitCoin? We go through some of the different thought processes and resources where you can find out more.

Tom and Barry discuss what ALT coins are and what makes them different to BITCOIN. We also cover some resources where you can find relevant information when doing your research on this alternate coin market. At the time of recording there is over 1300 coins outside of Bitcoin. With the huge volatility that exists in the world of Crypto, there is much money to be both won and lost. Understand what ALT coins are and considering in adding them to your investment portfolio. It all comes down to research, research and research.

We Chat About:

  • What are ALT Coins
  • 5 Categories of Crypto Currency
  • Why you should/shouldn't invest
  • How to get started
  • Pitfalls of ALT coins

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Links Mentioned In The Show

Exchanges for ALT Coins


Genesis Mining


MultiCoin Wallet


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