Let's Talk Crypto 019: BitShares Deep Dive


Bitshares Deep Dive

In this weeks episode we go deep into Bitshares. Bitshares isn't just one thing, it is a whole crypto ecosphere all on its own. It is a currency (BTS), it is a decentralised exchange, a blockchain, a margin lending platform, a platform to launch your own coin and more.

I have been using Bitshares for a while now, and the more I use it, the more I find and the more I like it. I don't understand why this project doesn't have more popular exposure and use. It is certainly a sleeping giant.


The current Bitshares market cap is: $143,626,985.69 USD

Have a look at how low the trading fees are here.

We Chat About:

  • What is Bitshares
  • Why BTS is a hidden gem
  • How you can leverage the power of BTS


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