Let's Talk Crypto 011: What Is Crypto20

What Is Crypto20?

What Is Crypto20?

In this episode, I breakdown Crypto20 and why you might want to consider checking it out and perhaps even buying some for  yourself

People always ask me what to buy. I always tell them the first thing you need to invest in is knowing what you are talking about. Take the the time to learn about bitcoin and other cryptos before you spend a dollar.

But nobody wants to hear that. They are frothed up with FOMO and they just want to buy.

So I am torn between not wanting to touch them with a ten foot pole and wanting to help stop them from doing something stupid and losing their money.

I can't give them, or you, financial advice. I am not an advisor, I don't know your circumstances or goals and giving you any specific recommendation would be stupid.

However, if you are looking to get into crypto in a relatively safe and measured way, I would have you consider Crypto20.

Crypto20 takes the tried and true model of the index fund and brings it to crypto. Listen in to this episode and find out all about it, before it launches on exchanges on January 15th.

The Benefits Include:

  • Less risk
  • Less technical administration
  • More diversity for less captial
  • Exposure to the entire top 20



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